About us

At Lithireum Inc., we are passionately committed to playing a pivotal role in the ethical supply of critical minerals, including but not limited to Aluminum, Barite, Beryllium, Cesium, Cobalt, Dysprosium, Gadolinium, Graphite, and Zirconium. However, it is Lithium that holds a special place in our mission.

Our Inaugural Investment: Jenrola Mining Limited

At Lithireum Inc., we are not just an investor in mining companies; we are trailblazers in the global critical minerals industry. Our journey began with a vision to make a lasting impact, and we’ve consistently stayed true to our commitment.

Our inaugural investment, Jenrola Mining Limited, represents the cornerstone of our mission. This dynamic mining company, based in Nigeria, embodies the potential and opportunities that lie within the critical minerals industry.

Jenrola Mining Limited  is not merely an investment; it’s a partnership built on shared values and ambitions. Together, we embark on a journey to harness the wealth of critical minerals responsibly, with Lithium as a shining example of our commitment to sustainable progress.

Our Vision

Our vision is bold and far-reaching. We aim to be at the forefront of the global critical minerals industry, leading the way in ethical exploration, sustainable mining, and responsible processing. Our endeavors are driven by several key pillars:

  • Sustainability: We are committed to environmentally responsible practices that reduce our footprint and contribute positively to the regions where we operate.
  • Innovation: We embrace cutting-edge technology and techniques to maximize the value of critical minerals, fostering innovation at every stage of the supply chain.
  • Global Reach: Our vision extends beyond borders. We aim to serve international markets, ensuring a steady supply of critical minerals for various industries worldwide.
  • Community Engagement: We recognize the importance of engaging with local communities, fostering positive relationships, and promoting social responsibility.

What are Critical Minerals

Critical minerals are the unsung heroes powering the technologies that shape our modern world. They are a group of naturally occurring elements, each playing a unique and indispensable role in various industries. These minerals include Aluminum, Barite, Beryllium, Cesium, Cobalt, Dysprosium, Gadolinium, Graphite, Lithium, Manganese, Neodymium, Nickel, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Scandium, Tantalum, Tellurium, Tin, Yttrium, and Zirconium.

Critical minerals are critical for a reason. They are the building blocks of renewable energy, transportation, electronics, and advanced technologies. Our commitment is to ensure a responsible and sustainable supply of these minerals, driving innovation and progress for generations to come.

What Makes Us Different?

Lithireum Inc. stands as a beacon of innovation and responsibility in the critical minerals industry. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to making a difference, one mineral at a time. Let’s explore what sets us apart through the lens of specific critical minerals:

Lithium: Powering the Green Revolution

Lithium is at the forefront of the green revolution, serving as the backbone of rechargeable batteries, particularly those used in electric vehicles (EVs). As the world moves towards sustainable transportation, lithium plays a pivotal role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate change.

Lithireum's Approach

1. Responsible Exploration

We are committed to exploring lithium deposits responsibly, minimizing environmental impact, and engaging with local communities to ensure sustainable practices.

2. Value Addition

We don’t stop at mining; we add value by refining and processing lithium to meet the stringent standards required for EV batteries. This aligns with the US government’s goal of domestic lithium production for clean energy.

3. Innovation

We invest in cutting-edge technologies for lithium extraction, improving efficiency, reducing waste, and contributing to the US government’s efforts to secure a domestic supply chain.

Cobalt: Ethical Sourcing

Cobalt is vital in battery production but has faced ethical concerns due to unethical mining practices in some regions. Lithireum takes a different approach:

Lithireum's Approach

1. Ethical Sourcing

We prioritize cobalt from ethical sources, supporting the US government’s goal of responsible mineral supply chains.

2. Transparency

We are transparent about our sourcing, ensuring our customers can trace the origin of the cobalt used in their products.

Neodymium: Enabling Sustainable Energy

Neodymium is essential for powerful magnets used in wind turbines and electric motors. Lithireum contributes to the US government’s clean energy goals:

Lithireum's Approach

1. Resource Efficiency

We focus on resource efficiency, reducing waste in neodymium mining and processing.

2. Sustainability

 We invest in sustainability initiatives, including recycling neodymium magnets to reduce environmental impact.