We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. What are critical minerals, and why are they important?

Critical minerals are naturally occurring elements crucial for advanced technologies in industries like clean energy, electronics, and transportation. They are vital for reducing carbon emissions, advancing technology, and achieving sustainability goals. Examples include Lithium, essential for electric vehicle batteries, and Gold, a precious metal with diverse applications.

2. How does Lithireum contribute to responsible mining practices?

At Lithireum, we prioritize ethical and sustainable mining across all critical minerals, including Lithium. We engage with local communities, minimize environmental impact, and embrace innovation to ensure responsible resource extraction.

3. What is Lithireum's role in the Lithium supply chain?

Lithireum is dedicated to the responsible supply of Lithium, a cornerstone of clean energy. We explore, mine, refine, and add value to Lithium, ensuring a secure domestic supply chain that aligns with US government goals for clean energy.

4. How does Lithireum source Gold, and what is its significance?

Gold, a precious metal, holds significance in various industries. Lithireum sources Gold from ethical suppliers, ensuring its responsible use in applications such as electronics and jewelry. Our commitment to ethical sourcing aligns with our values and industry standards.

5. What sets Lithireum apart in the critical minerals industry?

¬†Lithireum distinguishes itself through responsible practices across all critical minerals, such as sustainable mining, ethical sourcing, and value addition. Our commitment to the US government’s mineral goals ensures a resilient supply chain for essential industries.

6. How does Lithireum address environmental concerns related to mining?

Environmental responsibility is at our core. We invest in sustainable practices, resource efficiency, and waste reduction to minimize our environmental footprint. Our goal is to leave a positive impact on the regions where we operate.

7. What is Lithireum's stance on recycling critical minerals?

Recycling is a key part of our sustainability strategy. We actively explore recycling opportunities for critical minerals, promoting circular economies and reducing reliance on primary resources.

8. Does Lithireum have plans for international expansion?

Yes, we have a global vision. While we start with West African mining companies like Jenrola Mining Limited, our goal is to serve international markets, ensuring a steady supply of critical minerals for diverse industries worldwide.