Project Title

Iwere-ile Lithium and Tantalite Project


Our Iwere-ile Lithium and Tantalite Project, located in Iwere-ile, Nigeria, showcases our diversification into critical minerals. This project involves the exploration and responsible extraction of lithium and tantalite, contributing to the global supply chain of essential materials.

Technical Data

  • Exploration Type: Geophysical surveys and drilling
  • Estimated Lithium and Tantalite Reserves: 5,000 tons (Lithium) and 1,500 tons (Tantalite)
  • Extraction Methods: Chemical extraction (Lithium), gravity separation (Tantalite)
  • Sustainability Practices: Erosion control measures, biodiversity preservation.


The Iwere-ile Lithium and Tantalite Project signifies our commitment to adapt to changing market demands. By exploring and responsibly extracting critical minerals, we align with global efforts for a sustainable future. This project underscores our dedication to innovation and responsible resource development.